November 15, 2007

Why was I never informed?

There is a town in Washington State called Skookumchuck. That's friggin awesome!

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Countrywide Financial

George Soros bought 1.8 million shares of CFC in the third quarter. Does he know something I don't? I see no reason that CFC should be more than a penny stock. I have already been proven right when I was shocked at the big jump they took after Mozilo foresaw profits coming in 4Q07. The stock is lower than it was before that jump.

But, now BofA and Soros have sunk large amounts of cash into CFC so....???? What's the dealio?

November 14, 2007


I pretty much love my pretty white little MacBook, except for the few gnawing differences that, as a longtime Windows users, really annoyed me. The NUMBER ONE problem I had was that I couldn't use the keyboard to tab through links, or make selections in popup boxes. Also, when filling out form, tabbing through the fields skipped checkboxes and radio buttons. Argh!

Turns out that there is a simple preference to fix this problem. I have no idea why Apple doesn't make this the default setting.

Thank you Tony Spencer!

This is what abandonment feels like.

The best girl in the world has abandoned me for The Big Apple, so I have to drown my sorrows with an Apple Fritter under a huge plastic donut. Thank you Happy Donuts!

November 12, 2007

Allergies suck ass. I can't wait to get home and try my new Loratadine (which I ensured after purchase was not made by my former employer!).

November 11, 2007

Architecture in Berkeley

Berkeley has been blessed over the past century with a plethora of amazing architecture that can probably match any similarly sized city in the country, and many that are much bigger. For my money, Berkeley has as many notable buildings as our larger neighbor across the bay. I just found a brief history of some of the buildings and a couple of the most famed Berkeley architects, including Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan.

While the Landmarks Preservation Board can sometimes go overboard (Alan Ginsburg once puked on that wall, so it's a historic landmark!), we are definitely blessed to have a strong preservation group to keep our wonderful architecture.

The first building granted landmark status in Berkeley (as well as our only designated National Landmark) is the Maybeck designed First Church of Christ, Scientist

One of my favorite buildings is the Julia Morgan Theater, formerly St. John's Presbyterian Church. This is still a functioning theater, and is one of many structures that may have been lost to history without the Landmark Preservation Board (in fact, the fight to save this beautiful building led to the formation of the Berkeley Architecture Heritage Association.

November 09, 2007

This is impressive!

One bit of warning, don't watch this if you have epilepsy!

George Bush sings U2

November 08, 2007

Writing articles without research

Why does the Miata always get tagged as a chick car?

Okay, stop laughing, everybody knows that only chicks buy Miatas, right?

But they don't. According to JD Power, 58% of 2008 Miatas are purchased by men. There are hardly any less chicky chick cars. I bet the Studly Tahoe is bought far more often by soccer moms than by studly men.

And Allison, I know the gay jokes are coming. I expect to see them in comments!

It's done!

Oliver is awake, but dopey. How anyone can tell he's dopey other than just him being Oliver, I can't tell.

November 07, 2007

It's all bullshit.

Bullshit to be scooped from the litterbox of life. We'll only remember the good times.

November 02, 2007

I just made some spotted dick. Thank you very much.