August 28, 2007

What did the cop say to Larry Craig?

YOU da Ho!

Another earthquake in Berkeley?

I just heard on the news about a 3.0 earthquake in Berkeley. The other night there was a 2.4, and a week or two one that Allison and I actually felt. I hope it is not a sign of more to come. I have my fingers crossed, because the cat is friggin useless as a predictor.

August 22, 2007

Service charges suck!!!

When did concert venues start charging a service charge at the box office? That is a total scam! At Concord Pavilion and the Fillmore at least, you can only avoid service charges if you go at a certain time on Sundays. WTF????

August 20, 2007

Berkeley Farms-ist Tonight.

Sleep. That pretty much covers it.

August 14, 2007

Political cartoons and Karl Rove

Dan Froomkin has a roundup of cartoons related to Karl Rove way at the bottom of his blog in the Washington Post. There are a few themes, namely Rove as "The Architect" or Rove as "Bush's Brain." However, only John Sherffius got it right. The bigger loss is not to the Republican Party or to President Bush as a person. The biggest loss of the Rove years is the deep damage he has done to the country.

The guy was an amoral, winning is everything guy, and his legacy will reflect that. America isn't the Green Bay Packers, winning is not everything.

As long as Bush is in the White House and not behind bars, our long national nightmare lives.


I've got the BL-4C in my Nokia. Not the recalled battery. Check your Nokias!

August 02, 2007

The San Francisco Chronicle is skeezier than usual

There's a reason it's called the Comical.

Today, there was a big banner headline continuing their look into the homeless in the parks issue.


Right underneath, was this picture:

Wow! They found all those needles in the sweep of Golden Gate Park! I was astounded....

...until I read the caption, in much smaller type:

"Syringes collected at the needle exchange near Haight Street - other used needles have found their way to neighborhood yards and Golden Gate Park."

So, these were syringes collected at the needle exchange -- right where they should be! I can imagine CW Nevius now...."I'm writing this story about used needles in the park...where can I find a picture of used needles? At the needle exchange!"

Shame on you, Chronicle.