October 31, 2007

About sex with AARP card holders:

"If she's continent, I'm there."

The source of this quote will remain anonymous to protect him.

October 30, 2007

It's official.

My girlfriend (fiancee if you'd like to be technical) frightens the retarded. I'm so in awe.

October 28, 2007

License plates

It has been the week of truly awesome license plates. On Monday in Berkeley, we saw an older Mercedes with the plates "Bukake" and today, in the Bay Bridge approach it was a Civic with the plate "Faygele." Not surprising he was entering SF!

October 24, 2007

Time to boycott Halle Berry?

Making Jewish nose jokes is going too far. Being a Jew, without a big nose...wait, I can't even say that with a straight face. This is news?

October 16, 2007

The Bush Administration improves!

On the dumb-o-meter they are down to an 8.5. I don't think they've been under 9 3/4 since they got into office!

October 14, 2007

The Castro

Wow that chick in there is way freeaky and not nearly as hot as she thinks she is. What's up with her?

Oh wait...is that a dude? That explains everything!

October 08, 2007


To everyoneone in the US (outside the People's Republic of Berkeley):
Happy Columbus Day. Hope you enjoy celebrating the transmission of gonnorhea to poor defenseless Native Americans.

To everyone in Canada: Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy the slaughter of millions of Turkeys/Tofurkeys to supply your feast.

To everyone in the People's Republic of Berkeley: Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. Hope you enjoy celebrating the slaughter/scalpings of displaced people trying to settle the West for a better life.

Me? I'm still at work :(

This is not my beautiful op-ed columnist!

Paul Krugman channels David Byrne. Should he have given credit???

October 04, 2007

"Kanye has sold more albums, so it's official: 'George W. Bush doesn't care about black people.'"

October 03, 2007

Bike sharing

I heartily support a bike sharing program in SF modeled on Paris. I could definately see participating, it would be nice to be able to hop on a bike without worrying about getting it on BART, or having it get stolen. The one problem would seem to be one way trips -- someone hopping on a bike from Pac Heights and rolling downtown, but taking the bus back home. Nobody wants to ride uphill! Would it require a team of trucks and trailers pulling the bikes uphill?