April 13, 2007

Dine Out For Life

Open Table is sponsering Dining Out For Life on April 26. Participating restaurants will donate a significant portion (25% up to 50%!) of their bills on that night to AIDS related charity. Many are in Berkeley, Oakland, and SF.

I think I'll be going to a nice dinner that night!

Some restaurants I can vouch for:
AsiaSF--your tranny show headquarters!
Liason Bistro--nice-ish French food in Berkeley
Destino--went here for Dine About Town, good Peruvian
Speisekammer--German food in Alameda. Yummy, and huge beers on tap!

Go, get a nice dinner, and cure AIDS! What more could one want?

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Allison Landa said...

So where are we going?

Also, you have a typo. :)