June 07, 2007

San Francisco loves their crazy runs.

Now it's the Gorilla Run:

San Francisco Great Gorilla Run (Sun/10)
Let the Fur Fly
Trade in your spandex for an ape suit this weekend for the San Francisco Great Gorilla Run, the first time the 5-year-old, London-based event will be held in the United States. Join the hordes of gorilla-garbed do-gooders on this 7-kilometer (4.3-mile) charity run through Golden Gate Park on Sunday morning. Individuals and teams, who are raising money in preparation for the event, choose a theme to incorporate into their ape attire -- you can expect to see hula dancers, firemen, Elvises, punks and even gorillas in the mist (er, fog). Participants can also walk, jog or get on all fours and drag their arms in true gorilla style. The event is hosted by the Gorilla Organization, a charity that works to protect forests in Central Africa from unregulated logging, poachers, illegal agriculture and other threats to the natural habitat of gorillas. Challenge yourself while beating your chest to get the word out on this King Kong-size problem. (And you get to keep the fur suit!) Video -- Lisa Zaffarese, SF Gate

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Allison Landa said...

Uh ... yeeaaaaah. :)