May 07, 2007

Christopher Hitchens

As his latest article in Slate proves, Christopher Hitchens is a moron, even when he's smart. With the benefit of hindsight, he rightly castigates Nixon and Kissinger for some of their willfully evil acts. Yet, he is blind and self-righteous in his criticism of those who likewise castigate him for his writings supporting the evils performed by Bush and his sidekick, underling, henchman (Hitchens' words describing Kissinger) Karl Rove.

I hope that there are enough records left in emails and the like to show the evils that Bush committed in the name of re-election, just like Nixon did. It is my fear that, like Reagan, Bush learned the lesson from Nixon that any records you have can be used against you. Just as we may never know the full story of the "October Surprise" or the Iran-Contra dealings, we may never know the full story behind Iraq, the prosecutor purge, and any number of scandals out of the White House. And, Chris Hitchens better hope it stays that way or he'll end up with serious egg on his face.

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