May 31, 2007

A little math goes a long way!

The guy who owns the Shell that was famous for selling gas over $4/gallon (often times well over 50c higher than the guy across the street) to protest Shell Corporate "celebrated" his last day before giving the station to Shell by selling all the gas he had for $2.99/gallon, a veritable bargain these days.

"Earlier, customers like Avon Curtis said it was well worth it for her to wait for 90 minutes to save $4 to fill up her Ford Focus."

$4 divided by an hour and a half works out to an hourly rate of $2.67/hr, well under minimum wage. That idiot doesn't value her time much at all! Also, figure out how much gas she wasted idling, waiting for the pumps. Some people came over from the East Bay...did they pay a $4 toll to wait an hour and a half (or more!) to save $4 at the pump? The station at University and 6th in Berkeley, right off 80, is $3.31...not that much more!

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